Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Back

It has been a couple of weeks so thought I would do another post. Mouse from FS wants to see progress pictures so that she can decide if I deserve the wet noodle.I have been so intent on stitching that I haven't wanted to take the time to take them off the q's & take the pictures. Well today I did so here they are.
Train of Dreams

The Astronomer

Chocolate,Chocolate & More Chocolate



  1. Fabulous work Cindy - all 3 are coming along so well. I love the idea of a 12 hour stitch-in - something for me to think about if I ever get my stitching shop up and running. Hugs, Ally xxx

  2. Hi Cindy lovely to see the progress pictures :) and you have been soo good :) No wet noodle for you ... Glad you enjoyed your stitching session love Mouse xxxxx

  3. They all look great. Been thinking about the chocolate one myself.

  4. All looks great! I love the designs.


  5. Great progress. I love the train one.

  6. Threee Haeds at a time....what progress...good for you. Tell the person I'm too busy stitching to be taking pics. Well, lol, I'm glad you did as I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    chris b

  7. Love watching the progress on this pattern. So many things to look at!

  8. Randal Spangler is one of my favourite artists. I have the Train of Dreams to stitch, and have a couple of his prints as jigsaws!
    Look forward to seeing your progress on all your HAEDS.

  9. Hi Cindy
    Your SAL sounds like a great idea :-)
    It's great to find someone with similar stitching likes. That's the great thing about our craft there are so many different things to stitch - we will never be bored!