Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am one of the winners in Evalina's PIF. I'm so excited to have been picked. As per the rules I will:

Send no less than 5 stitching related items per person within the next 365 days.

Items can be DMC, other threads, stitching needles, straight pins, buttons, scissors, ribbons, etc. - a combination of items such as 3 threads, 1 pack of straight pins and 1 pack of stitching needles or just 5 threads.

The items must be new and not used. (Send things you'd be happy to receive.)

You will post this PIF on your blog and do the same for at least 2 people.

To enter my PIF please leave a comment about what is your favorite kind of design to stitch & which holidays you like stitching for the most.

I will pick 3 winners at the end of January

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More progress

Here is this weeks progress on Cottage Garden Rug. I am really enjoying working on this. I also have pictures of one of my other WIP'S. It is Hyacinth Macaws which I am stitching as a wedding sampler for my nephew & his new wife. They are big bird lovers(they have a parrot) & since Hyacinth Macaws mate for life I thought it would be appropriate.
Since I have long weekend I plan on trying to find all the parts to a couple of other UFO's so I can get my rotation going finally.
Since I have heart & lung issues I have plenty of time to stitch after I get home from work & on weekends. I can't do much in the way of housework which is okay with me. I have a house husband(DH is retired) & my son still lives at home so they take care of most everything except the cooking. That is something I love to do & since it doesn't require any heavy lifting or strenuous activity I can still do it.
I finally was able to order my Dazor lamp with maginifier. I have an Ott light with magnifier but it is awkward to  use. I use the Dazor when I go to my LNS for stitch group & it is much easier. It will be my big Xmas gift this year.

I also couldn't resist posting a picure of my stitching buddy Brandi. She usually lays on the couch next to me when I'm stitch. She keeps my hip warm LOL.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here are the newest pictures. This is going take a long time to finish but I love working on it. I guess it really isn't a UFO anymore. Oh well, there are plenty of those waitng their turn. I really have to get busy. I work full time so most of my stitching is done in the evening & on weekends.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UFO Tuesday

Okay I know I'm only supposed to work on it on Tuesdays but I couldn't put it down. These pictures are from last Tuesday. Haven't taken this weeks yet.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I always tend to do BAP's so thought it was about time I set up my own place to talk about my obsession with cross stitch & to to show my progress on some of my projects. I have plenty of UFO's so the UFO Tuesday on ILCS is just what I need. The challenge is deciding which project to work on. I finally settled on Cottage Garden Rug. It happens to be the first one I found all the parts for. My stitching stash is in several places right now so it is really disorganized & some of the projects got separated from their charts. Still searching for Santa of the Forest's chart. I know it is here somewhere. Hopefully I will finally be able to set up some kind of rotation so I can get some of these things finished.