Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Start & Stash Enhancement

Wow. 2 updates in the same month. I must be slipping. I started another HAED Train of Dreams on 6/18/10. I have so far put 1,708 stitches in. If I figured right this has a total of 102,500 stitches. It's going to take awhile. Oh well, other than work I don't have much else to do. DH says it keeps me off the streets.
I also remembered to take a picture of my TUSAL this month. I had to graduate to a larger container. I will keep the smaller one on my stitching table & as it gets full I will add it to my larger one.

Last but not least I did a little shopping during the HAED Father's day sale. I got 2 more Randall Spangler charts. Treasure Quest & Chocolate,Chocolate & More Chocolate.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Monthly Update

I seem to only be able to update my blog once a month for some reason. I think I'm just lazy. Not much happening around here. I have been getting a good amount of  stitching done. On one of my groups we had a 100 stitch a day challenge. I didn't come anywhere close to 3100 stitches but I did put 1097 stitches into The Astonomer. I am getting antsy for another start so Train of Dreams is being assembled. I have the fabric all prepared & most of the threads(alot of them are used on The Astronomer). Now just need to start it. I went to my LNS yesterday  & got the fabric for several more projects. Also picked up A Tree by Itself. Like I need another project. Oh well. My husband says I have more projects than I can do in several lifetimes but I tell him I will have fun trying.