Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's About Time

I was recently reminded (thanks Dineke) that I have not posted an update for a long time. My bad. I have been stitching daily on The Astronomer but haven't taken any pictures. I am also 2 months behind on my TSUAL but as you can see it is progressing nicely.
I am really enjoying The Astronomer. I have completed half of page 1 & am almost done with half of page 2. I am working across the top but got tired of so much black so went on to the second page so I could have some new colors to stitch with. When I am working on a project I keep seeing new symbols that I haven't stitched yet & feel like I can't wait to get to them to see how they stitch up. Does anyone else do this?? Please don't tell me I'm crazy. I already know that. I stitch HAED & Mystic Stitch patterns & I have been known to cruise Kustom Krafts, Scarlet Quince, Long Dog & the many quaker sites in search of more large projects. My husband says I'll never live long enough to stitch them all but my response is I'll have a good time trying & besides it is 2 hobbies-collecting & stitching.
I recently took advantage of HAED's mother's day sale & purchased 3 more of their charts. Wizard of Oz for my daughter who also stitches plus Magic & Wizard's Lab for me. I know I'm weak but I also know I'm not alone in my obsession.